“Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and a gentle butt squeeze.”

Comedian Jeff Wysaski has created a hilarious video detailing everything you should not do in a job interview. The advice is terrible and ridiculous and includes incredible tips such as decorating your resume with sparkly rainbow stickers and leading a flock of ducklings into the interview room to show you’re a great leader. Also, be naked.

Yeah we know, this doesn’t really help in any practical way and it’s not… conventionally inspirational, but man do I feel more relaxed about job interviews. And I don’t even have any scheduled. The job-hunting-arena can seen incredibly daunting, but with this hopefully you’ll be able to see the softer side of the process.

Terrible Job Interview Advice | Pleated Jeans

Featured photo credit: Terrible Job Interview Advice | Pleated Jeans via youtube.com

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