We tend to think of job searches in terms of the modern economy and while it may be harder to find a job now than it was in the mid-2000’s, it’s still a heck of a lot easier than it would have been to find a new job centuries ago. That’s particularly true for those looking to enter new professions and those who want to move up in society by climbing the corporate ladder.

If you find job searches a little discouraging, sometimes it helps to look back on the history of job searches to realize that even a stint of unemployment today is still better than having a job in the middle ages. After all, at least now you aren’t forced into the same profession as your father no matter what your personal interests.

the history of job searches

If you do want to minimize the time you spend before landing interviews, here are some resources you should know about and anecdotes from people who have done it successfully.: 5 Things To Stop Saying to Your Kids and What to Say Instead

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