Perhaps you didn’t know that calming colors, indoor plants, the ideal temperature, and proper lighting in your office have a tremendous impact on your health. They do. And the fact that workers like us spend a great amount of time in our offices or workplaces (about a third of each day, or even more for workaholics like me), we must be concerned about whether or not our work corners are healthy or not.

One particular thing included in the infographic, (it really caught my attention) is the point about walking meetings. It reminds me about my contribution to Lifehack dealing with the dangers of sitting for many hours and Lifehack’s great post about the benefits of using standing desks.

Why should we care about whether or not our work environment is healthy? Go… peruse the Intuit infographic again to discover intelligent answers.

Original Source: Bit RebelsWellness-in-the-workplace

Featured photo credit: Wellness At Work: Anatomy Of A Healthy Workplace/Intuit via

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