With the ease of internet communication bridging continents and bringing the people of the world together in real time, the idea of telecommuting has gone from a rare business arrangement to a good way for many companies to save money on employee related expenses. But is telecommute the future of how we’ll do business? According to this infographic from Staff.com it’s possible that 43% of American employees will be telecommuting by 2016, up from 23% in 2006, and those employees will feel less stressed and see their productivity increase when they work from home. Businesses would save 650 billion dollars a year in expenses, oil consumption would go down 280 million barrels a year, and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of 9 million cars. With all of these facts about telecommute before us it’s a sure bet that telecommute is the future of how the world will do business.

telecommuting the future

Biz 3.0 | Is Telecommuting the Future? Find Out


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