You want to find meaning in your work. Wouldn’t you? I’m sure about that. In connection to this, let’s look at a situation: sometimes you get to do a particular job which is not particularly hard for you and the nice thing about it is you get paid handsomely. Well, that’s great. Awesome, actually.

The problem is, at the end of the day when everything is quiet and you can listen to your soul. It’s telling you, yes, you smile when you receive the renumeration, but deep down inside you’re not happy. Deep down, there’s only emptiness. The truth is you don’t have self fulfilment doing the job. And you say, “what’s the point in staying stuck with the job and the company when I’m not fulfilled”.

This is a sad thruth going on in the U.S.. In fact, 70% of Americans have this story. Not only that they are not happy, the companies they work for suffer too. They incur losses due to poor employee engagement at work. In truth, the loss is estimated at the staggering amount of 550 Billion. What is the story behind this big number? The infographic from Y Scouts will shed some light about this malady.


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