Plan Like You're Someone Else

Plan Like You’re Someone Else

Planning’s an important part of getting anything done. It isn’t to say that you should plan absolutely everything, but as far as work and any project goes, the better you plan, the better things will turn out. says that if you plan as though you’re someone else, adding the steps you generally skip because you know yourself so well, will make the plan rock solid.

The key is pretending that when the time comes to execute the plan, that someone else, not you, will actually do it. This means you have to be much more clear as to what the goal is. The details and instructions have to be outlined as if this person has no prior knowledge of the project at all.

This means when it comes down to following the plan yourself, everything is set out to each last detail. A comprehensive and more concise plan arises, which will make it that much easier for you to follow it.

  • Project Brief – Discusses in brief the project’s Background (the reasons behind it), Objectives (what it aims to accomplish), Requirements (what’s needed for the project) and Execution (a summary of how to implement the project).
  • Project Timeline (List View) – A two column table that lists the project’s days on the left (Day 1 to Day x) and the tasks scheduled for each day on the right.
  • Project Timeline (Calendar View) – A calendar that matches the project’s days outlined in the list view with actual calendar dates. An example would be Day 1 falling under July 28, Day 2 falling under July 29, etc.
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    How Pretending You’re Someone Else Makes Planning Easier – [ContractWorker]

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