On NOT Managing Software Developers


Stevey’s setting up quite a piece about managing (or not managing) software developers. In this installment, we learn about some of the mindsets that drives one to choose to be a manager, and some of the thought processes of the people you’ll eventually manage.

If you have true empathy for your engineers, they can forgive almost anything. Which is good, because you will make mistakes. We all do.

Of course, you’ll need to be more than a quivering blob of empathy to be a good manager, so I have a few more tips coming your way. But first, if you’re reading these tips with an eye towards practicing them, let’s revisit why you’re interested in management in the first place.

This is part one, and Stevey promises the “HOW TO” stuff in the next post, but it’s really interesting reading, and you’ll want this under your belts for context before you get the next post.

Not Managing Software Developers – – [Stevey’s Blog Rants]

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