Make A Desk Organizer From A Picture Frame


Working with a clear, organized desk can really help clear your head and increase your productivity. Unfortunately, everyone needs a few things on their desks and many desk organizers are clunky, overpriced and just plain ugly. For those looking for a smaller, more fashionable approach, The Wishful Tinker’s homemade picture frame organizer is a great way to go.

Best of all, it not only looks great, but it’s surprisingly easy to put together. Just hem the fabric, cover the frame backing with one layer and then glue in a few more layers in a tiered manner to create easily accessible slots. Then reassemble the frame and enjoy your new desk organizer.


It can also be a decidedly cheap project as long as you get a cheap frame from somewhere like the dollar store -though if you want it to look fancier or hold up better, you can always buy a nicer one elsewhere.

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