In the modern world, having a good social media profile can be just as important as having a good resume. In fact, when hiring managers look up your social media profile, it could mean the difference between your getting hired or ignored. The impact isn’t just limited to those who are looking for a job; plenty of people have been fired after their boss or HR manager spotted something questionable on one of their social media profiles.

While you might just be concerned with removing drunken party photos from your social networking profiles, remember that those aren’t the only thing that can make you look unprofessional. In fact, there is a greater likelihood for you to not get hired if hiring managers see that you use terrible spelling and grammar on your profile than if you have a few photos showing you drinking. It makes sense: drinking is something you probably only do on the weekend, if you can’t spell though, that’s something that will affect your work.

social media profilesOriginal Source –The Undercover Recruiter

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