How To Use Deadlines

I’ve always found deadlines to be strangely helpful when needing to come up with new ideas and content. This would definitely fit into what Scott H Young calls the Push.

What he’s established are the misuses of deadlines, as well as when to use deadlines for completing projects.

Attributes of a Good Deadline

  • Objective – Have you reached your goal? If the answer can’t be answered with either yes or no, you need to rephrase it. Vague goals are useless candidates for deadlines.
  • Possible – Does your deadline fit your plan or is it wishful thinking? Don’t buy groceries on an empty stomach on don’t set deadlines when drunk with motivation.
  • Elimination – Can you eliminate parts of your plan if there isn’t time? You need to know what to abandon if you run out of time.
  • Chunked – Break your deadline into components. For this article, I’ve given myself forty minutes to write and ten to do an image.
  • Budget Your Time: How to Use Deadlines – [ScottHYoung]

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