How To Decrease Your Backlog

How To Decrease Your Backlog

Backlogged email, files and papers, notes and reading; you’ve got a pile of something that’s waiting for your attention, but is it going to get it?

It’s sometimes difficult to work up the motivation to tackle a job that’s gradually growing in size. Lodewijkvdb has a run down of how these backlogs develop and what to do to get rid of them, and prevent the next one.

Now how do we get rid of them?

  • 1. Assess the size of the backlog
  • 2. Determine the habit you need to prevent it in the future
  • 3. Learn about the new habit
  • 4. Plan your work on the backlog
  • 5. Start working

Why Backlogs Suck Big Time! – [Lodewijkvdb]

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