How To Be A Good Boss

Building on a similar topic discussed here at is this WikiHow of how to be a good boss.

It’s easy to hate a bad boss, but I always secretly feel sorry for some of them that just seem unable to grasp what they should be doing to get the best out of their employees. Because, as this article states, if you’re not a a good boss, you make it almost impossible for those who work for you to be good.

Clone yourself – many times. Once you’ve identified the best of the best, teach them your job. That’s right. Teach them to be you. Most bad bosses are under the (mistaken) impression that there is something unique that makes them indispensable. The truth is, the best boss trusts his staff and re-creates himself many times over so that in case of emergencies in his absence the Good Boss has excellent help that can be utterly relied upon.

How To Be A Good Boss – [WikiHow]

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