It takes time, and a large amount of effort to find a job that will challenge you and help you develop in the way that helps your career, so there must be some ways to optimize this process to provide you with more options and more time. Well here’s a lifehack lesson written by Trevor Dobrygoski that will help you to automate your job search and save you time to focus on other high value job searching activities. This lesson helps you to create search patterns that will run automatically and will help you to identify potential jobs that will land in your email. It will also help you to quickly apply and respond to job correspondence. A monthly subscription to lifehack lessons will cost $4.99 and provides access to all previous lessons.

Here’s an excerpt from this lesson -

Looking for a job is hard work. Some would say job hunting is a full time all by itself. Even though searching for job can be a lot of work, there’s always ways to make things easier. One of the ways to make anything easier is to automate any part of the process that you can. One part of the job hunting process that I’ve always found to be the most difficult, is finding places that are hiring in your field.

To find potential job leads, you’re constantly looking at the same sites and performing very similar searches on sites like Google. A lot of this can be automated, and that’s what we’re going to show you here today. As a side note, this process is also ideal for anyone searching for freelance jobs such as writing.


The lesson is split up into different sections that gives you step by step instructions on how to configure Google Apps, Gmail, Google Alerts, Google Reader & Twitter, link up these tools to automate your job search.

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