How to Ask For a Raise


Asking for a raise can be an extremely daunting task. Free Money Finance gives some tips that will help you through the process. Have any of you had to ask for a raise? What tips would you share for those of us who have never done it? How did it work out for you — did you get the raise? Please let us know in the comments.

1. Over-deliver. Know what your employer wants/expects from you and do more than that.

2. Have a great attitude. Team players and positive people get ahead — loners and negative workers don’t.

3. Be sure people know about your accomplishments. Subtly market yourself to others — especially your boss and higher-ups.

4. Know what others in your job/industry are making. If you’re already highly paid, a raise may be out of the question, but if you’re not and are doing 1-3, you’re ripe for more money.

5. Get all your facts down. Why do you deserve a raise? Put them down on paper and rehearse them so your presentation is smooth.

6. Talk to your boss. Do it in a non-threatening, team-player, “I love my job and this company” tone and manner.

7. Be prepared for all reactions. The main ones are “yes, you can have a raise” (Thanks!), “I need to talk to others” (Thanks, I appreciate your support of me and my contributions), and “No, we can’t at this time for whatever reason” (you’ll need to anticipate these reasons and come up with positive, but firm responses).


8. Be prepared for further action. If they don’t give you the raise and you’re underpaid for your position/contribution, maybe a company change is in order.

How to ask for a raise – [Free Money Finance]

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