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How To Answer Common Job Interview Questions

How To Answer Common Job Interview Questions

Most job interviews run the same way, with the same kind of questions. “Why do you want this job?” and “Why should we hire you?” are just a couple that you’ve probably heard a hundred times. But are you preparing yourself for these common interview questions?

With managers looking for specific things during the hiring process, ComputerWorld has asked a few what their important and common questions are, and what they want out of them.

Why should I hire you?

“It’s the opportunity to see if the individual wants the job,” says Sherry Aaholm, executive vice president of IT at Memphis-based FedEx Corp. “I want to see if they’re passionate and if they’ve done their research into that position.”

One interviewee gave a classic wrong answer: “Because you already know me.” A previous relationship won’t get a candidate the job, Aaholm says, nor will such an uninspired answer.

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