If you are not on LinkedIn ’til now, I wonder why. LinkedIn is the most influential professional social media platform on the Web. Every second, two new users join this giant, and to date, it has 277 million active users. Those figures are impressive, but you don’t only need serious work to be a master of it like a Jedi. You also need the Force to be with you; the networking force, to be clear about it.

For companies or businesses, you can maximize the “force of conversation” by creating valuable presentations, blog posts, and videos. Share them on your LinkedIn company page to engage your probable customers or partners. Just by doing this, the powerful platform can send almost more than four times as many as Facebook, or Twitter can send to your website. You can check the infographic for the details.

Featured photo credit: How to become LinkedIn Jedi/Gryffin in partnership w/ TollFreeForwarding.com via entrepreneur.com

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