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How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Manager

Everyone has bosses, whether it’s managers, stock holders or freelance clients. Each one of these requires a different kind of approach and for those who have direct managers, it is important to maintain respect and interaction with your employer. U.S. News offers few tips to improve your relationship with your manager, including:

  • Respect your manager’s communication preferences. If you prefer to speak via telephone, but your boss prefers to do things via email or in person, then try using their preferred method and you’ll get a better response quicker.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do, or circle back to her if you can’t. No one likes having someone say they’ll do something and then not do it. Either follow through or let her know why you can’t do it on time and when you think you can complete the task.
  • Know it’s not personal. Whatever extra work your boss gives you or disappointment she demonstrates when you fail to do something on time, realize that she isn’t trying to take it out on you, she’s just doing her job.
  • Bring differences in perspective to the surface. When you’re in conflict, take that as a sign that one of you knows something that the other doesn’t, or that one of you is looking at the situation from a different perspective, and try to bring that difference to the surface.
  • Don’t complain behind her back. Sure, everyone needs to vent about work sometimes. But if your boss finds out you’ve been complaining about her or aspects of work without talking to her first, you’ll break her trust in you.
  • Stay calm and don’t cause drama. There’s no way to avoid moments of frustration at work.
  • Know it’s not personal. Having a reasonably thick skin and not taking your manager’s or company’s decisions personally will make you easier for everyone to work with – especially your boss.
  • Be open to feedback. It might sound obvious, but an awful lot of people get defensive when they hear critical feedback from a boss.

How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Manager | U.S. News

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