Face it: No matter how qualified and skilled you are and how well you present yourself at your job interview, you’re not going to get every job you apply for. Sometimes the listing was a mere technicality and the company already knew who it was going to hire long before they held interviews and sometimes someone just as qualified as you will apply for a position and ask for half of the salary you demand. No matter how good you are, you will be rejected after some job interviews.

When that happens, this article by Dumb Little Man can help you move past the feeling of rejection and onto the next job interview. Perhaps the most useful tips in the article are the last two, “Don’t Blame Yourself” and “Don’t Take It Personaly.” Sometimes there was literally nothing you could have done to get the job because they already picked someone else and that’s not always the fault of the hiring manager or even the company itself.

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Rejection is an unfortunate aspect of daily work life, but like most things, it’s within your power to either sail through it easily, or with a lot of bumps: How to Cope with Rejection at Work

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