Holiday Rescheduling


Monday is Labor Day, a holiday created for workers to get a much needed day off. Of course in practice it doesn’t work out.

On the holiday itself bosses will text or call employees with something they “need to review and give a POV on” prior to a Tuesday meeting “because it will be so busy when everyone gets back”. Sound familiar? This happens every time– Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Presidents Day– nothing is sacred.

Then any rest you got is quickly lost because on Tuesday there will be twice the meetings– all the Tuesday meetings plus all the Monday meetings will get rescheduled. Last year after Labor Day I had 7 meetings and didn’t get a chance to leave until 8PM.
So I’m asking you to join with me in demanding a real holiday this Labor Day. Contact the President and your congressman and demand action. Feel free to sign your name to my letter below.

Thank you and God bless America.

Dear President Obama,

What’s the point of giving the country’s workers Monday off if they just reschedule all the pointless meetings on Tuesday? Can’t you sign an executive order canceling all Monday meetings WITHOUT ALLOWING RESCHEDULING? Also please include no calling or texting employees on the holiday either. Your people are suffering, Mr. President. The time for action is now!


Meeting Boy

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