Are you happy with your job? Are you satisfied? If you’re not sure with your answers, don’t worry, you will be definite after reading this. If your answer is no to both questions… Lifehack has more information that will give you an overall background as regards–your happiness and well being–in relation to your current occupation. See for yourself what factors come into play in this scenario as you consume this short post.

While perusing the graphic, I was alarmed with one factor! Only less than 50% of Americans are completely satisfied with their job. Man… that’s preposterous! The records plainly show that more than 50% of US citizens are suffering, day in and day out, doing a job they would rather not do. Can you see what I’m looking at here? More than half of the population of the United States of America are zombies! (Excuse my choice of word. It’s the best I can think of for this specific fact.) They move, work, render services, and try to please bosses just to take home moolah, so they can put food on the table.

On a brighter note, here’s one tip you can take home to mama: According to the chart created by, work-life balance is the top component for career success.


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