Elements of Great Managing


Kent Blumberg writes on leadership strategy from a tactical perspective–which is very much in accordance with the GTD approach so popular around these parts. He recently finished an in-depth review/summary of Gallup Press’s new book Twelve: The Elements of Great Managing. He posted a lengthy write-up of each chapter, which I have rounded up below, for your perusal, dear reader.

  1. Job clarity
  2. Materials and equipment
  3. Matching strengths to jobs [ed. You might want to check out the book Now, Discover Your Strengths, also from Gallup Press, for more on this topic.]
  4. Recognition and praise
  5. Caring about the people you work with
  6. Mentoring
  7. Valuing employee opinions
  8. Connection to a noble purpose
  9. All for one, one for all
  10. “I have a best friend at work”
  11. Regularly talking about individual progress
  12. Opportunitiesto learn and grow

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