Social sciences have become wildly popular with western students in the past decade. With a downturn in the economy, most wonder whether they will be forced to work in positions they do not appreciate. English majors are particularly worried about becoming an English teacher or ending up writing articles in general.

Ways to improve your English Spelling Skills: How to Improve Your Spelling Skills

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However, a recent Career Say article offers career paths for English majors that might not be as dour as some make it out to be. English majors do not have to resign themselves to becoming a teacher or a writer. Instead, they can often make fabulous journalists or editors. In some cases, they even make amazing film makers, foreign translators, and even news reporters. Anyone graduating from college with a degree in English or any other social science should not be dismayed by the lack of job opportunities. One only has to look hard enough to find them.

Original source – Career Options for English Majors [Career Say]

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