Can You Deal With System Bloat?


Wayne Pepper at David Allen Co. defines system bloat as simply your GTD inbox getting too full. When you’re list of to-dos becomes so large that you cringe to look at it, let alone knock a few items off.

The simple solution, says Pepper, is to prioritize; or re-evaluate your priorities. If possible, move as many items as you can from your inbox to your someday maybe list. Or delete them.

Checking through your someday maybe list during your Weekly Review helps to prevent that list from getting out of hand.

If your Someday Maybe list isn’t reviewed once a week during Weekly Review, then it’s turning into a Someday Never, and you’ll lack the confidence that you can safely plant something there and re-engage with it when the time is right.

System Bloat – [TheDavidAllenCo]

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