How Barbie's New Career Move On LinkedIn Page Is Inspiring Young Women Around The World


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My new business is “Dream Incubator” where I act as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination, try on different careers, and explore the world around them. Our company tagline is “If you Can Dream It, You Can Be it!

– Entrepreneur Barbie

Barbie, the iconic Mattel doll and sometimes questionable role model for young girls, has joined the world of online professional networking!

Although Barbie has had many careers before – well over 150 since she was introduced in 1959 – she has never had a real resume, but now she has her very own LinkedIn Page. Entrepreneur Barbie’s new social media presence comes complete with her career progression, even adding “While a one-page resume is best, I can’t seem to get mine under twenty. It’s just that when anything is possible, a girl is tempted to try everything she can.”

However, this fun career move comes with a message of empowerment, success and inspiration as the page includes a section devoted to female role models like Reshma Sauja, the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, as well as Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss of Rent The Runway. Barbie also states at the top of her page that her mission is to “encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions.”

We have to give a well deserved nod to Barbie’s PR team as this seems like a huge step in the right direction towards making Barbie a positive role model.

What do you think of this career move?

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