If you are planning to start your own enterprise, kudos to you. Very few people manage to muster up courage to take the startup plunge. Entrepreneurship may not be a walk in the park but the rewards are well worth the efforts.

However, statistics show that many startup businesses fail within the first year. Your startup doesn’t have to go that way. Learn from the experience of others who walked the path before you. The folks over at GuaranteedLeafletDistribution created this well-researched infographic to help you stay clear of some of the major pitfalls. They have covered all the bases, right from choosing the right business and writing a business plan to setting prices and providing great customer service. Heed the advice and you have a winner at hand.


9 Killer Mistakes To Avoid In Your Startup Business | GuaranteedLeafletDistribution

Featured photo credit: GuaranteedLeafletDistribution via goo.gl

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