They say you should work smarter, not harder and part of being smart is doing research. So if you don’t know how to work smarter, then you can certainly benefit from this infographic that features seven things that can help you work better.

Here’s a collection of 50 hacks, tips, tricks, and mnemonic devices we’ve collected that can help you work better: 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily

While many of these suggestions have been featured before at Lifehack (don’t multitask, organize your workspace, etc.) many of the tips aren’t things you’d think about when you’re focusing on work. For example, exercising and de-stressing are great ways to increase your productivity.

You might notice that at the bottom of this infographic, Lifehack is credited as a source. Well, that’s because the inspiration for the graphic is this post by Ciara Conlon, so if you need more details on precisely how to work better, don’t miss the original post.

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Source –Fizzler

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