7 Lies That Are Holding You Back

Kathy Gates of RealLifeCoach.com wrote this piece for Ian’s Messy Desk. It outlines seven lies people tell themselves that are preventing them from doing what they really want to do.

This comes down to things like the job you keep or the money you’re trying to save. Are you being realistic? Selfish? Proactive? Which lies halt your progress?

Lie #6. Elusive Goals instead of Do-able Goals
An elusive goal is “save $5 thousand for down payment for a house”. There’s no strategy or plan associated with that. A do-able goal is “save $100 every week for one year, beginning this week.” That’s a plan of action that has measurable results. Powerful Results come from specific actions that have measurable results.

7 Lies That Prevent Powerful Results – [IansMessyDesk]

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