6 Small Business Trends You'll Want to Try in 2015


The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to think about some changes in your life and do something you’ve been putting off for a long time. Starting a small business of your own is a good example. This year is going to be lucrative for those willing to start something anew, and perhaps we will be able to give you some food for thought as to where to start.

1. Reseller hosting

If you think that every web-hosting business is a mammoth-like monster spanning half the country, then your conceptions about this sort of thing are somewhat out of date. Today there are small and flexible reseller hosts who buy server space from large companies like Hostoople and resell it on their own terms. Both parties get something from the deal: big companies make use of all their servers, you get server space cheap and can make good money if you have it in you to find clients on your own. And that’s all you have to do; all the rest is taken care of by the original host.

2. E-Commerce

Did you think that the business of e-commerce made a big leap in 2014? That’s nothing compared to what’s about to happen. With the U.S. showing considerable economic growth, people are bound to purchase more. E-commerce has been rapidly developing even during the recent recession—just thinking of all the possibilities that are opening up right now should inspire you to check out the new e-commerce trends.


3. Personalized products

The advent of the industrial era turned individually designed products from a standard into a luxury; now it is time for the technological evolution to turn the tables again. People get more and more excited about the possibility to get things that are designed by them and for them, be it clothing, tableware, smartphone cases, or anything else. Look at what Zazzle did with this idea and be sure, there are plenty of untouched business opportunities of this kind.

4. Virtual assistant services

Times when virtual assistant services were associated with shady offshore companies whose employees had only a tentative grasp of English are a thing of the past. Today it is a burgeoning business, with more and more business people feeling the benefits of delegating some of their responsibilities to a v.a. And a lot of them will be more than happy to pay good money for an assistant with good language skills who is located in the same country with them.

5. Information products creation

The world today develops at breakneck speed, which means that people often don’t have time to bother with formal education and, what’s more important, the standards and procedures of formal education often lag far behind the current state of technological and social trends. The answer many people find is information products—courses created by experts that allow them to learn something in a short time; it’s usually something they don’t teach at college. You may say that you are not an expert in anything, but let us tell you a secret: neither are most information product creators.


6. Mobile-app creation

The mobile-app market has been expanding exponentially the last few years: there are apps for everything, from planning your day to counting calories. And this trend isn’t going to go away, for we are just coming to grips with all the possibilities open to us by the constant presence of mobile devices. The position of a mobile app developer looks like an extremely promising one. And again, you needn’t have any technical knowledge. All you need to do to launch your own business is think of an idea and find good programmers.

There is no bad time for doing business; but 2015 looks like it will be rife with opportunities. It’s up to you not to let them escape!

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