What are the most annoying things you hear at the office? Are you maybe guilty of saying a couple of them every so often?

The team at CareerBliss say they sampled “numerous professionals who shared with us the most annoying things that their coworkers say to them” and created this infographic to highlight the phrases most likely to annoy your co-workers.

This infographic is a great reminder of how important it is to check how you communicate to your colleagues every so often and how crucial it is to build a positive work environment. So, if you’re guilty of saying one of these let’s say “I’m so busy” as an example, think about another way you can phrase that. CareerBliss suggest you say something along the lines of “I’m finishing something up right now” and then suggest a later time in the day. It’s that simple!

6 Phrases that Annoy Your Coworkers | CareerBliss


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