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5 Reasons Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

Managers aren’t just there to ensure their employees get their work done. They are also supposed to ensure that top workers are happy and receive what they need to get their jobs done and be productive. When managers fail to do this, they risk losing their top talent to other companies and recruiters.

So if you are a manager, what can you do to ensure your top talent doesn’t leave your company? This infographic can help by explaining the top five reasons top talents will leave.

Of course, you may not be able to affect each of these factors, for example, the overall health of the company, but if one of your top employees leaves because he thinks you’re a jerk or because you never recognize her work, that’s totally your fault. In fact, in many cases, employees may stick around through other difficult conditions if they really appreciate and believe in their boss, so treat others kindly and give recognition where it’s due if you want to keep your top talent on board.



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