What’s the first question in your mind, when you see a 1/4th bitten apple?

Obviously, it is Apple!  As easy as ABCD


Logo is the first impression of your company. Your company maybe dealing electronics, furniture, Antiques or anything, logo is what sets people rolling in. Looking at Apple’s logo, people won’t get what type of business they are dealing in. But who cares? It’s cute and adorable and has the power to turn visitors into customers. This is the true potential of Logo.

If you are on your way to design a great logo for your business, then here are some backbone tips to design a mind-blowing logo.

Logo should be easy to remember

The major reason how Apple’s logo got instantly shot up to success is that the logo is easy to remember. Why not? We all know very well about apple, and that’s how they were successful at capturing everyone’s thoughts.

Logo should be unique and simple

Imagine you are quite tired and are waiting by the road to catch a bus. Suddenly you look over the billboard over the next yard. The first thing that your eyes will roll into will be the colorful and catchy logo. Successful companies have known this human instinct and have ushered in logo making.

Logo should be connected with your business

Now this might be quite strange. As a symbol of apple might not express company’s technology interests. Still it is preferred that you should go for a logo that describes your business well.

Logo should look like professional

By now. you might have got that logo speaks it all. It doesn’t matter what your business is, the logo speaks on behalf of it. So the more professional the logo is, the more professional is the company. It is especially recommended for those folks who are running top-notch businesses.

Logo should be easy to read

Last but not the least, the logo should be easy to read. Bring in a illiterate or a literate, the logo should be easy readable.

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