asdfasdfsadfsductive1Your unproductive ways at work may not be entirely your fault.

The way your boss manages you and the rest of the staff can directly affect output. Most workers do not consider this because it is not a common issue that is highlighted. Furthermore, the unproductive delegation methods of a manager can only be corrected by his or her superiors.

As an employee it is important to be able to distinguish a well-organized manager from one who can be the downfall of the team. This infographic highlights 10 clues about how your boss could be damaging your ability to work.

There are also solutions for each weak point, allowing you to raise the issue with your boss directly instead of talking about it with other members of the staff.

Do you think your boss is making you unproductive? Share your experience with us.

10 Ways You`re Making Your Employees Less Productive Infographic | Love Infographics

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