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10 Types of Office Sitter

Employees have different styles of working and dealing with co-workers. One office sitter which has caught my attention is the fitness freak who is so health conscious that she brings her own chair in her work place. Instead of the standard office chair, she opts for an exercise ball. She moves and stands up each and every 30 minutes to make sure her blood circulation won’t be badly affected by sitting too much.

I’ll share you my own story. I have rendered time working as an office worker too and co-workers noticed I tend to become a workaholic. I always spend more hours in the office than in any other place. My wife and friends always complained I don’t have time for them. Let’s share a few minutes to look at the 10 types of office sitter. The 10 types of Office Sitter is brought to you by and designed by This infographic discusses the 10 types of Office sitters you’ll find in any workplace. Which type are you?

the 10 types of office sitter

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