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10 Things to Look for in Managers

10 Things to Look for in Managers

It can be a funny experience going for an interview, trying to wow your prospective manager, and then once you begin the job, realize you shouldn’t be working for him/her.

Instead of only thinking of getting the job, think of how you’ll be able to work with this person. Are they good managers, or will you rue the day you joined the team?

Liz Strauss has put together 10 traits to look out for before agreeing to the job.

  • 1. They already know who they are.
  • 2. They listen actively.
  • 3. They are “the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage”.
  • 4. They don’t add too much value.
  • 5. They respect the intuitive detail of those who do the work.
  • 6. They stand outside the process as much as they can. Great managers know that if they participate in the thinking, then there is no one outside of it to serve as a check. They have learned to hold the bigger picture to balance the folks who have the intuitive detail.
  • 7. They offer new perspectives and paradigms.
  • 8. They hold folks accountable with both head and heart.
  • 9. They understand the business they are in.
  • 10. Great managers understand that all people including themselves can only do what is humanly possible.

What would you add? Possibly something to do with the actual interviewing process. Such as, are they putting you through too much? Anything unnecessary during the interview? That’s usually a sign of things to come.

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