Zonebox Helps You Better Manage Your Time


How long does an average project at work take you to complete? Does that include distractions? If you have a hard time getting things done in the amount of time they should take you, Zonebox can help. By estimating the time you should be taking on each of your daily tasks, the tool can help you stay on task. A small progress bar will then help you visualize how much time you have left.

Alternatively, Zonebox is also a great option for those who need to better understand how long their projects take so they can bill their clients more accurately and estimate the cost of projects more quickly.

Were your estimations off? No problem, Zonebox allows you to change your time estimates quickly and easily. You can even turn “study mode” on and the app will ensure the only thing on your screen is your Zonebox timer so you can make sure you focus on offline projects as well.


Download Zonebox ($5)

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