Is Your Internet Connection Quick Enough For YouTube? Google Can Tell You Now.


Have you ever had YouTube get “stuck” in the middle of watching a video?  This happens to many people, especially at peak viewing times, like after supper.

You might find yourself cursing your Internet service provider (ISP), but are they really to blame? Find out instantly with Google’s new Video Quality Report.  Just go to and get an instant snapshot that looks something like this:

Google Video Quality Report
These graphs represent the volume of videos being viewed on a particular ISP at high, standard and low definition.  As you can see, most are being viewed at high definition in this graph, but some are not.  If you hover your cursor anywhere over the graph, you will see something like this:

Google Video Quality Report
The really powerful information comes when you click on “Compare providers in your area” and see which are HD Verified, which are Standard Definition and which are Lower Definition.

Google Video Quality Report3
The graphs above are from what Google has labeled a Standard Definition provider.  If you click on various provider buttons, you can see how the graphs vary.

Maybe the report will show you that you should switch providers, so that YouTube videos no longer “stick”.





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