No matter what we do about it–we can ignore it like crazy, or everytime we are reminded of it, we sing lalala (loud enough to annoy the unlucky person beside us at the moment) till the thought go away, but it won’t; The situation will not change, ever.

The fact is we can’t deny it, whether we like or not, Google still has the power to make our posts popular or not; Although not totally, still, it has a huge influence on how far our reach could get.

One thing more, the giant search engine comes up with new features every now and then; if you want to keep abreast of what’s going on with its rules and new features, you have to keep your news antennae up all the time.

In light of this, let the data visualization designed by Chandranijana1986 and developed by Arnab Bhattacharjo supply you with loads of information which will definitely guide you to up your efforts about SEO.

Google Updates for More Effective SEO

Featured photo credit: Google Updates for More Effective SEO/Arnab Bhattacharjo via

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