You Can Finally Replace Your Weather Apps With This Mini Station


Tired of bad weather predictions? Weather apps aren’t accurate enough to warn you about a storm front that is quickly approaching. Most are only able to tell you what you can find out by looking through the window.

Now there’s a better way to determine if you should bring an umbrella to work.

BloomSky is a mini-weather station that can be mounted in your backyard. Because of its strategic location (not being 10,000 miles away like most weather satellites), it can provide reliable feedback about the weather and predict small changes.


The system comes with an app that can be used to check on the sensor, take photos of the area and receive weather updates. Perhaps the most interesting component of the mini-weather station is the optional solar panel integration.

Overall, this product is very unique and is recommended for weather and photo enthusiasts.

BloomSky: World’s First Smart Weather Camera | Kickstarter

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