World's Smallest Mouse That You Can Wear On Your Finger


ThumbTrack takes an innovative step towards minimalistic hardware by providing the world’s smallest wearable mouse.

How small is it?

It’s the size of a ring and fits conveniently on your finger.

The mini-mouse is fully functional too. It has a range of 9 feet, making the product very reliable.

Battery life for the device lasts approximately 15 hours for heavy use and 7 days on standby.

For those with wrist problems, the ThumbTrack can serve as an alternative to the heavy, bulky generic mouse.

You don’t need to be sitting down on a desk to operate the digital device. You can be walking around your work area, or laying down in bed. Ideally, this product would do well during presentations and meetings.

The ThumbTrack is so valuable, you can use it as an engagement ring in commitment to never using a traditional mouse ever again.

ThumbTrack: The world’s smallest wearable mouse. | Indiegogo

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