Why you should participate in Labelbox Twitter Campaign


Two days ago I created a post about 5 reasons to label your digital photos on your iPhone. Now I will explain why participating in a Twitter campaign is worth your time.

Labelbox is a free iPhone app that helps you to label photos stylishly, quickly and on the move and is currently (at the time of this article) riding high in the app store in many countries. It’s number 4 in the Photography category (free) on the Apple App Store in the USA and riding high at number 1 in Japan. So why should you participate in this campaign?


This Twitter retweet campaign gives you four free labels to use with Labelbox by following three simple steps – retweet, follow and letting us know you’ve done it. We made it easy by making it three clicks of the mouse.  First, take a look what other people has done with Labelbox at Steply network:


Six Reason to join the campaign

  1. Retweeting is free, easy and takes hardly any time.
  2. You get free cloth labels to make your photos extra stylish.
  3. It helps spread the usefulness of Labelbox to more people.
  4. New people who find Labelbox through your help get a new useful app for free.
  5. New people can also benefit from the campaign to get the free premium label pack. More for everyone.
  6. We made it easy to retweet by simply clicking three buttons and following the simple instructions.

Visit the campaign page to particpate

Labelbox is a product of Stepcase and part of Steply photo app suite.


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