Charging your digital device is one of the most painstaking tasks due to the long wait.

Getting a full charge is rare but essential, even if you’re staying at home all day. Carrying a small power bank can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you don’t carry a bag or pouch around.

For times when you need a full charge and you don’t have the luxury to wait for the battery meter to go up, try using the Legion Meter. Depending on your device, you can experience charging speeds up to 92% faster.


The gadget works by regulating the current from your USB port. This method is safe and will not fry your device. The small power tool is perfect for people on the go. Additionally, Legion Meter is small enough to carry around, allowing you to recharge at a coffee shop without hogging the outlet.

Legion Meter – Charge your smartphone 92% faster | Kickstarter

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