I wouldn’t say social media necessarily creates a social sickness, however if you’re the mayor of three or more of your local McDonald’s then we need to talk. How long can you go without checking your phone? How often do you send out tweets that may suggest you are slightly illiterate? Does your blog really have all the answers?

If you have a friend or family member that perhaps needs to realise they’re a ‘Liker’ or a ‘Constant Checker’ then it’s time they knew. If you’ve been sent this infographic, I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I suppose if you consider yourself to be any of the above’s examples then there are some positives, don’t set your phone on fire just yet. You’re engaging, connecting… slightly annoying sometimes. But that’s okay! The first step is acknowledging it. Plus, the person who sent it to you is a ‘Sharer’ that’s not even on the infographic. We’re all as bad as each other.

The Social Sickness | Marketo

These days, almost everyone uses social media of some variety. How Social Media Can Destroy Your Productivity

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