What Kind Of Blog Are You Writing?

What Kind Of Blog Are You Writing?

Darren at has categorized three types of bloggers that might help you decide what direction your writing is going.

If you have started a blog and are on your way towards your blogging goals, this is a good read to see where you can actually take things.

Like many of us, Darren began small and has worked his way up, building his body of work – or body of business, if you will.

The three categories essentially revolve around how you want to grow.

  • 1. Jumping Up and Down on the Same Spot
  • 2. Jumping from One Random Thing to Another
  • 3. Springboard Bloggers

Options 1 and 2 are the two extremes: The first sticks with one and builds it. The second is referring to ‘serial starters’, as Darren calls them; those who start good blogs and jump from one to another.

Springboard Bloggers are those who do both to some extent. Start a series of successful blogs and building them to a certain point and then moving on.

Understanding that you have these options means you’re setting goals, and are almost defined by character type. Are you a personal blogger or an entrepeneur?
Blogs as Launching Pads…. – [Problogger]

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