What Happens to our Online Accounts After we Die?


Social media is still new, so not many people have had yet to contend with the ultimate question: what happens to our accounts after we die?

Finally somebody has an answer.  A new app called Perpetu is ready to help people leave the legacy they want online.  It’s essentially a last-will-and-testament-for-social-media app.

You can prepare what you want to outlast you, including:

  • writing your last tweet or status update
  • identifying which photos albums on Facebook or G+ you want to keep
  • preparing your final email

Then you give your password to someone close by (much like an executor of a will).  When the code is entered, they will try to contact you (just to make sure).  If that fails, they will activate your final requests for you.

“We use protocols supported by Facebook, Gmail and other popular online services to carry out your wishes. You may finally rest in peace.”


Featured photo credit: Perpetuvia

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