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With the continuation of technology, is it any wonder why people have difficulty choosing between a laptop and a tablet? When tablets were introduced to the masses in 2010, sales instantly skyrocketed. There wasn’t even an adjustment period as consumers just devoured this new gadget without question. Now, tablets are being released in the market left and right and continue to be the fastest-growing device in the world. In the process, laptops have lost their allure among consumers to give way to tablets. In 2010 alone, a total of 82.9 million laptops were shipped to buyers; the highest figures for laptop sales. In 2013, however, a projected 26.1 million of that would be eaten up by tablet sales. That’s 33% of total laptop sales.

Most people buy the latest gadget to make their lives easier, but because of the array of choices, it’s difficult to zero in on the best.  People in different walks of life have to consider different factors when choosing a device.

For students

Take, for example, students who need electronic gadgets to further their education. As early as grade school, many parents would be willing to fork out a large amount of money for their children’s education. High school students value gadget portability since they still have to carry a lot of books and school items as well. A tablet would be better than a laptop since it is lighter; one can easily attach a virtual keyboard for any typing, like taking lecture notes. Besides, keyboards would not be cumbersome to carry since they are thin and light. Gadget preference could be somewhat different for university students, though. Consider one’s major when choosing between a laptop and a tablet: If one needs to use intricate programs, a high-powered laptop would be the better option. A tablet with a mere 16 to 64GB memory space is limited and would not be as useful as a laptop that could have up to 169 GB memory.


For people on the go

Let us also consider people on the go: these people would love to have a special gadget for everyday use. Considering the convenience of using a gadget for reading, watching films, or playing video games, a tablet is much better than a laptop, and the tablet’s 7- to 14-inch screen size would accommodate the needs of very active and mobile users. However, for those who require a bigger screen because of poor eyesight, a 17-inch laptop might be preferable.

For professionals

There are also professionals who need a gadget for their work and leisure. Those who attend business trips and meetings would require something portable—A tablet would be a good choice for them since battery power on that device could last up to 18 hours, while a laptop can only last for an average of four hours. Charging would just be bothersome. However, if work required multi-tasking, a fully-functional laptop could do the job. Laptops are best for any kind of muscle work, including presentations, videos, and study results.

For kids

Of course, one must not forget the kids, who should be ahead of the times. Most kids would be using an electronic gadget for fun and entertainment. A tablet would help them learn and have fun with just their pointer finger; since a tablet is touch-screen, it would be easier to make choices with just a swipe. The interface of any tablet is easy to use; there is no need to follow any manuals—just a quick tap of a button and a kid could use it. In comparison to laptops with keyboards, a tablet is much simpler, which kids would like.


With all the factors mentioned, before one buys either a laptop or a tablet, it is important to consider one’s projected use of the gadget, so both the features and the use should be taken into account. By paying attention to these two important points, it will be easier to choose a device. Other factors such as price, aesthetics, and “cool factor” should really take a backseat before features and usability are taken into consideration.

People say that tablets may be the death of laptops, but who knows what the future may bring? Laptops are now being redesigned to incorporate the great qualities of tablets. With the blurring of lines between laptops and tablets, varieties such as hybrids and ultrabooks have become readily available. While consumers can only expect better and more innovative gadgets in the years to come, the task of choosing the right gadget might prove to be more challenging .

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