Votee: A Private Voting App That Lets You Involve Loved Ones In Your Decisions


When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes only to regret the decision later? On such occasions you wish you had some way of getting a second opinion. Votee is an app that lets you do just that and more.

You can post questions to your friends and family about anything that you are uncertain about and get them to vote up or down. What’s more, it works as private messenger too, for those times when just a Yes or No answer won’t do! Unlike many other web and mobile apps where you have no control over privacy and visibility of your post; on Votee you can pick people from your contacts who you trust the most. It’s private, secure and effective. The app provides all your questions, votes and comments in a seamless, beautiful and easy to navigate interface. So, the next time you have a nagging decision to make, get a little help from your friends!

The Votee app is currently available on iOS and the android version is in the works.



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