These days, computers are getting smaller and smaller.

A tiny, coin-sized computer called VoCore has pushed the limits of computer size and functionality.

With USB, WiFi, UART capabilities, this computer doesn’t run just basic functions. It is designed to be extended and improve other programs in the process.

VoCore can be used to automize your camera for those who need to take continuous shots of an object. It can also be installed with a speaker to add wireless functionality.



The possibilities are literally endless! More importantly, the small computer is a must for customization. You can add features to your ordinary digital devices, features that can’t be copied or replicated without the VoCore, making them extremely unique.



Lastly, this product brings customization to every home. I highly recommend this product for those who want to take their everyday devices to the next level.

VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi | Indiegogo

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