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Using Yahoo Pipes To Translate RSS Feeds

Using Yahoo Pipes To Translate RSS Feeds

It’s a simple idea but something that could beef up the content in your feed reader. This simple tutorial from Webware about taking an RSS feed from a website in another language to your own and using Yahoo Pipes to translate it into another feed.

BabelFish wouldn’t do it. (It gave me an entertaining error message, though: “Insane value.”) I was initially encouraged when I used Google Translate, which did in fact give me a version of the blog’s XML page in English. But I couldn’t subscribe to it. Then I found David Rothman’s advice: Use Yahoo Pipes.

It’s a simple 5 step process to create the new, translated feed so give it a go if you find some great, foreign resources that you want to subscribe to.

How to translate RSS feeds – [WebWare]

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