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Using Windows XP For The Next 7 Years

Using Windows XP For The Next 7 Years

To upgrade or not to upgrade; a question for all XP users. For those of us who aren’t upgrading just yet, and we have our reasons, this tutorial on how to stretch the remaining life of your OS may come in useful.

This article from ComputerWorld runs through some steps to make XP last, likening the experience to keeping an old car running. Isn’t that analogy suitable? Here are the topics they cover:

  • How long will Microsoft support XP?
  • Get Vista’s security improvements in XP
  • Get Vista’s eye candy in XP
  • Get other Vista goodies
  • Tweak XP settings for faster performance
  • Perform weekly maintenance for smooth operation
  • Or we could just change operating system completely, right?

    How to make Windows XP last for the next seven years – [ComputerWorld]

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