Using Technorati’s WTF to Promote your Blog is trying an experiment to utilize Technorati’s ‘Where’s The Fire’ voting thingamajig to promote blogs. WTF is set up to provide informative blurbs of popular Technorati searches so to keep everyone in the loop, I guess.

What it really looks like is a Digg-style addon. Either way, it’s worth looking into to improve your site’s traffic.

Here’s all the really basic stuff about how to get started.
1. First, visit Technorati’s WTF homepage
2. Then click on the Write a New WTF tab
3. After which, fill in your WTF topic details. I usually copy and paste a short excerpt from blog posts I want to use because it saves time.
4. Click on Submit and you’re all set. Your entry will be recorded under the My WTFs tab and will be available for public voting.
5. Apparently the more votes from Technorati users, the more likely it is to show up under the Today’s hottest blurbs section.
6. Get friends to vote on your entry and see it rise or stay at the top!

Sound simple? It appears to be working for DoshDosh. Will it fly?

Using Technorati’s WTF as a Promotional Strategy for Your Blog : An Experiment – [DoshDosh]

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